function of dascore.viz.waterfall source

    patch: Patch ,
    ax: Axes | None = None,
    cmap = bwr,
    scale: float | collections.abc.Sequence[float] | None = None,
    scale_type: Literal[‘relative’, ‘absolute’] = relative,
    show = False,
)-> ‘plt.Axes’

Create a waterfall plot of the Patch data.


Parameter Description
patch The Patch object.
ax A matplotlib object, if None create one.
cmap A matplotlib colormap string or instance. Set to None to not plot the colorbar.
scale If not None, controls the saturation level of the colorbar. Values can either be a float, to set upper and lower limit to the same value centered around the mean of the data, or a length 2 tuple specifying upper and lower limits. See scale_type for controlling how values are scaled.
scale_type Controls the type of scaling specified by scale parameter. Options are: relative - scale based on half the dynamic range in patch absolute - scale based on absolute values provided to scale
show If True, show the plot, else just return axis.


# Plot the default patch
import dascore as dc
patch = dc.get_example_patch()
_ = patch.viz.waterfall(scale=0.1)