class of dascore.core.coordmanager
inherits from: DascoreBaseModel, pydantic.main.BaseModel

    dims: tuple[str, …] ,
    coord_map: dascore.utils.mapping.FrozenDict[str, BaseCoord] ,
    dim_map: dascore.utils.mapping.FrozenDict[str, tuple[str, …]] ,
)-> None

Class for managing coordinates.


Parameter Description
dims A tuple of dimension names.
coord_map A mapping of {coord_name: Coord}
dim_map A mapping of {coord_name: (dimensions, …)}


Name Description
convert_units Convert units in coords according to kwargs. Will raise if incompatible
decimate Evenly subsample along some dimension.
disassociate_coord Disassociate some coordinates from dimensions.
drop_coords Drop one or more coordinates.
drop_disassociated_coords Drop all coordinates not associated with a dimension.
equals Return True if other coordinates are approx equal.
get_array Return the coordinate values as a numpy array.
get_coord Retrieve a single coordinate from the coordinate manager.
get_coord_tuple_map Return a mapping of {coord_name: (dims, coord)}.
keys Return the keys (coordinates) in the coord manager.
max Return the maximum value of a coordinate.
min Return the minimum value of a coordinate.
new Return a new coordmanager with specified attributes replaced.
rename_coord Rename the coordinates or dimensions.
select Perform value-based selection on coordinates.
set_dims Set dimension to non-dimensional coordinate.
set_units Set the units of the coordinate manager.
simplify_units Simplify all units in the coordinates.
snap Force the specified coordinates to be monotonic and evenly sampled.
sort Sort coordinates.
squeeze Squeeze length one dimensions.
step Return the coordinate step.
to_summary_dict Convert the contents of the coordinate manager to a summary dict.
transpose Transpose the coordinates.
update Update the coordinates, return a new Coordinate Manager.
update_from_attrs Update coordinates from attrs.
validate_data Ensure data conforms to coordinates.