function of source

    path: Path | str | Patch | BaseSpool | IOResourceManager ,
    file_format: str | None[str, None] = None,
    file_version: str | None[str, None] = None,
    ext: str | None[str, None] = None,
    timestamp: float | None[float, None] = None,
    progress: Literal[‘standard’, ‘basic’, None] = standard,
    exclude = (‘history’,),
)-> ‘pd.DataFrame’

Scan a path, return a dataframe of contents.

The columns of the dataframe depend on the attributes and coordinates found in the data files.


Parameter Description
path The path the to file to scan
file_format Format of the file. If not provided DASCore will try to determine it.
file_version The version string of the file.
exclude A sequence of column names to exclude in the final dataframe.


import dascore as dc
from dascore.utils.downloader import fetch

file_path = fetch("prodml_2.1.h5")

df = dc.scan_to_df(file_path)