module of dascore.proc source

Basic operations for patches.


Name Description
abs Take the absolute value of the patch data.
angle Return a new patch with the phase angles from the data array.
apply_operator Apply a ufunc-type operator to a patch.
dropna Return a patch with nullish values dropped along dimension.
equals Determine if the current patch equals another.
imag Return a new patch with the imaginary part of the data array.
new Return a copy of the Patch with updated data, coords, dims, or attrs.
normalize Normalize a patch along a specified dimension.
pipe Pipe the patch to a function.
real Return a new patch with the real part of the data array.
set_dims Set dimension to non-dimensional coordinate.
squeeze Return a new object with len one dimensions flattened.
standardize Standardize data by removing the mean and scaling to unit variance.
to_xarray Return a data array with patch contents.
transpose Transpose the data array to any dimension order desired.
update_attrs Update attrs and return a new Patch.