function of dascore.utils.patch source

    patch1 ,
    patch2 ,
    check_behavior: Literal[‘warn’, ‘raise’, None] = raise,
    dim_to_ignore = None,
    ignore_dim_eq_shape = True,
)-> ‘bool’

Return True if the coordinates of two patches are compatible, else False.


Parameter Description
patch1 patch 1
patch2 patch 2
check_behavior String with ‘raise’ will raise an error if incompatible,
‘warn’ will provide a warning.
dim_to_ignore None by default (all coordinates must be identical).
String specifying a dimension that differences in values,
but not shape, are allowed.
ignore_dim_eq_shape If True, the ignored dims must be equal shape to pass check.
If dim_to_ignore is None this has no effect.