module of dascore.utils source

Utilities for working with the Patch class.


Name Description
check_patch_attrs Check for expected attributes.
check_patch_dims Check if a patch object has required dimensions, else raise PatchDimError.
get_default_patch_name Generates the name of the node.
get_dim_sampling_rate Get sampling rate, as a float from sampling period along a dimension.
get_dim_value_from_kwargs Assert that kwargs contain one value and it is a dimension of patch.
get_multiple_dim_value_from_kwargs Get multiple dim, axis and values from kwargs.
get_start_stop_step Convenience method for getting start, stop, step for a given coord.
merge_patches Merge all compatible patches in spool or patch list together.
patch_function Decorator to mark a function as a patch method.
patches_to_df Return a dataframe.
scan_patches Scan a sequence of patches and return a list of summaries.