class of dascore.clients.dirspool
inherits from: DataFrameSpool, BaseSpool, abc.ABC

    base_path = .,
    index_path = None,
    preferred_format = None,
    select_kwargs = None,
    merge_kwargs = None,

A spool for interacting with DAS files on disk.

FileSpool creates and index of all files then allows for simple querying and bulk processing of the files.


Parameter Description
base_path The path to the directory to index.
index_path The path to the index file containing the contents of the directory.
By default it will be created in the top-level of the data directory.
preferred_format A string to specify the format of the data. Specifying this parameter
will save time in indexing.
select_kwargs Dict of keyword arguments to restrict output contents.


Name Description
chunk Chunk the data in the spool along specified dimensions.
get_contents Get a dataframe of the spool contents.
map Map a function of all the contents of the spool.
new_from_df Create a new instance from dataframes.
select Sub-select parts of the spool.
sort Sort the Spool based on a specific attribute.
split Yield sub-patches based on specified parameters.
stack Stack (add) all patches compatible with first patch together.
update Updates the contents of the spool, return the updated spool.