function of dascore.core.coords source

    values: ndarray | None = None,
    start = None,
    min = None,
    stop = None,
    max = None,
    step = None,
    units: None | Unit | Quantity | str = None,
    dtype: str | dtype | None = None,
)-> ‘BaseCoord’

Given multiple types of input, return a coordinate.


Parameter Description
values An array of values.
start The start value of the array, inclusive.
min The minimum value, same as start.
stop The stopping value of an array, exclusive.
step The sampling spacing of an array.
units Indication of units.
dtype Only used for compatibility with kwargs produced by other functions. Doesn’t do anything.

The following combinations of input parameters are typical: (start, stop, step) (values) (values, step) - useful for length 1 arrays.