function of dascore.examples source

    frequency = 15,
    peak_time = 0.25,
    duration = 1.5,
    time_step = 0.002,
    distance_step = 10,
    channel_count = 10,
    source_channel = 0,
    velocity = 100,

A patch of a ricker wavelet with some apparent velocity.


Parameter Description
frequency The center frequency of the wavelet in Hz.
peak_time The peak time of the first ricker wavelet in seconds.
duration The total duration of the time coordinate in seconds.
time_step The time dimension time step.
distance_step The distance dimension sampling interval.
channel_count The total number of channels (number of distance).
source_channel The index of the source.
velocity The aparent velocity in m/s.

Based on https://github.com/lijunzh/ricker/