module of dascore source

DASCore - A library for fiber optic sensing.


Name Description
get_example_patch Load an example Patch.
get_example_spool Load an example spool.
get_format Return the name of the format contained in the file and version number.
patch_function Decorator to mark a function as a patch method.
read Read a fiber file.
scan Scan a file, return the summary dictionary.
scan_to_df Scan a path, return a dataframe of contents.
spool Load a spool from some data source.
to_datetime64 Convert an object to a datetime64.
to_timedelta64 Convert an object to timedelta64.
write Write a Patch or Spool to disk.


Name Description
BaseSpool Spool Abstract Base Class (ABC) for defining Spool interface.
Patch A Class for managing data and metadata.
PatchAttrs The expected attributes for a Patch.


Name Description
compat Compatibility module for DASCore.
constants Constants used throughout obsplus.
core Core routines and functionality for processing distributed fiber data.
examples A module for loading examples.
exceptions Custom dascore exceptions.
io Modules for reading and writing fiber data.
proc Module to Patch Processing.
transform A module for applying transformation to Patches.
utils Utilities for dascore.
version Module for reporting the version of dascore.
viz Module for static visualizations and figure generation.
clients DAS Core module for accessing remote resources.