module of dascore source

DASCore - A library for fiber optic sensing.


Name Description
get_example_patch Load an example Patch.
get_example_spool Load an example Spool.
get_format Return the name of the format contained in the file and version number.
get_quantity Convert a value to a pint quantity.
get_unit Convert a value to a pint unit.
patch_function Decorator to mark a function as a patch method.
read Read a fiber file.
scan Scan a potential patch source, return a list of PatchAttrs.
scan_to_df Scan a path, return a dataframe of contents.
spool Create a spool from a data source.
to_datetime64 Convert an object to a datetime64.
to_timedelta64 Convert an object to timedelta64.
write Write a Patch or Spool to disk.


Name Description
BaseSpool Spool Abstract Base Class (ABC) for defining Spool interface.
Patch A Class for managing data and metadata.
PatchAttrs The expected attributes for a Patch.


Name Description
compat Compatibility module for DASCore.
constants Constants used throughout obsplus.
core Core routines and functionality for processing distributed fiber data.
examples A module for loading examples.
exceptions Custom dascore exceptions.
io Modules for reading and writing fiber data.
proc Module containing patch processing routines.
transform A module for applying transformation to Patches.
units Module for handling units.
utils Utilities for dascore.
version Module for reporting the version of dascore.
viz Module for static, matplotlib-based visualizations and figure generation.
clients DAS Core module for accessing remote resources.