class of dascore.core.coords
inherits from: CoordArray, BaseCoord, DascoreBaseModel, pydantic.main.BaseModel, abc.ABC

    units: pint.registry.Quantity | str | None[Quantity, str, None] = None,
    step: Any = None,
    values: ndarray ,
)-> None

A coordinate with strictly increasing or decreasing values.


Name Description
convert_units Convert units, or set units if none exist.
empty Empty out the coordinate.
get_attrs_dict Get attrs dict.
get_sample_count Return the number of samples represented by a value.
get_slice_tuple Get a tuple with (start, stop) and perform basic checks.
index Index the coordinate and return new coordinate.
max Return max value.
min Return min value.
new Create new instance with some attributed updated.
select Apply select, return selected coords and index for selecting data.
set_units Set new units on coordinates.
simplify_units Simplify the coordinate units.
snap Snap the coordinates to evenly sampled grid points.
sort Sort the coord to be monotonic (maybe range).
to_summary Get the summary info about the coord.
update Update parts of the coordinate.
update_limits Update the limits or sampling of the coordinates.