method of dascore.io.rsf.core.RSFV1 source

    self ,
    spool ,
    path ,
    data_path = None,
    **kwargs ,

Write a patch to RSF format.

if no data_path is NOT specified, the header and binary will be packed together data_path needs to be bindata_file.rsf or /location/of/bindata_file.rsf (NO ‘@’)

path needs to be hdr_file.rsf or /location/of/hdr_file.rsf

spool needs to have a single patch in it

time origin is forced to 0.0 in the new RSF file, but a dummy variable named ‘starttime’ still holds the real start time


Parameter Description
spool The input spool to convert to rsf, must have exactly one patch.
path Path to create the rsf file
data_path If data and rsf header information are to be separate, the
location of the data file. Needs to be bindata_file.rsf or
/location/of/bindata_file.rsf (no ‘@’)
  • Patch datatype is converted to float32 for compatibility with Madagascar (may be able to keep dytpe in the future)