function of dascore.examples source

    example_name = random_das,
    **kwargs ,
)-> ‘dc.Patch’

Load an example Patch.

Options are:

Name Description
random_das Generate a random DAS Patch.
patch_with_null A patch which has nullish values.
random_patch_with_lat_lon Create a patch with latitude/longitude coords on distance dim.
wacky_dim_coords_patch A patch with one Monotonic and one Array coord.
sin_wav A Patch composed of sine waves.
example_event_1 An induced event recorded on a borehole fiber from Staněk, Jin, and Simmons (2022).
example_event_2 example_event_1 with pre-processing.
ricker_moveout A patch of a ricker wavelet with some apparent velocity.
dispersion_event A synthetic shot record that exhibits dispersion.


Parameter Description
example_name The name of the example to load. Options are:
**kwargs Passed to the corresponding functions to generate data.


(UnknownExampleError)[’dascore.examples.UnknownExampleError`] if unregistered patch is requested.


Staněk, František, Ge Jin, and James Simmons. 2022. “Fracture Imaging Using DAS-Recorded Microseismic Events.” Frontiers in Earth Science 10.