module of dascore source

Modules for reading and writing fiber data.


Name Description
read Read a fiber file.
scan Scan a potential patch source, return a list of PatchAttrs.
scan_to_df Scan a path, return a dataframe of contents.
write Write a Patch or Spool to disk.


Name Description
FiberIO An interface which adds support for a given filer format.
PatchFileSummary The necessary attributes for indexing a fiber file.
PatchIO A namespace for class methods.


Name Description
core Base functionality for reading, writing, determining file formats, and scanning
segy SEGY format support module.
prodml Support for prodML format.
sentek Module for reading DAS data recorded by Sentek interrogator
pickle A module for reading and writing pickle format.
rsf RSF format support module.
tdms Module for reading and writing TDMS fiber data recorded by Silixa.
dasdae Support for the DASDAE format.
dashdf5 Basic support for DAS-HDF5 a subset of CF (climate and forcasting).
terra15 Module for reading and writing data recorded by Terra15 DAS interrogators.
wav Module for writing wave files to disk.
indexer An HDF5-based indexer for local file systems.
h5simple Support for generic H5 files.