module of dascore source

A module for applying transformation to Patches.

Transforms are defined as


Name Description
dft Perform the discrete Fourier transform (dft) on specified dimension(s).
differentiate Calculate first derivative along dimension(s) using centeral diferences.
idft Perform the inverse discrete Fourier transform (idft) on specified dimension(s).
integrate Integrate along a specified dimension using composite trapezoidal rule.
rfft Perform a real fourier transform along the specified dimension.
spectrogram Calculate a spectrogram from the patch data.
velocity_to_strain_rate Convert velocity das data to strain rate.


Name Description
TransformPatchNameSpace Patch namesapce for transformations.


Name Description
fft Module for Fourier transforms.
fourier Module for Fourier transforms.
spectro Module to transform a Patch into spectrograms.
strain Transformations to strain rates.
integrate Module for performing integration on patches.
differentiate Module for performing differentiation on patches.