class of dascore.io.dasdae.core
inherits from: FiberIO


Provides IO support for the DASDAE format version 1.

DASDAE format is loosely based on the Adaptable Seismic Data Format (ASDF) which uses hdf5. The hdf5 structure is the following:

/root /root.attrs format = “DASDAE” DASDAE_version = ‘1’ # version str /root/waveforms/ DAS__{net}{sta}{tag}{start}{end} data # patch data array data.attrs coords{coord_name} # each coordinate array is saved here DAS{net}{sta}{tag}{start}__{end}.attrs attrs{attr_nme} # each patch attribute _dims # a str of ‘dim1, dim2, dim3’


Name Description
get_format Return the format from a dasdae file.
index Index the dasdae file.
read Read a dascore file.
scan Get the patch info from the file.
write Write a collection of patches to a DASDAE file.