function of dascore.examples source

    time_min = 2017-09-18,
    time_step = 4000000 nanoseconds,
    time_array = None,
    distance_min = 0,
    distance_step = 1,
    dist_array = None,
    network = ““,
    station =”“,
    tag = random,
    shape = (300, 2000),

Generate a random DAS Patch.


Parameter Description
time_min The time the patch starts.
time_step The step between time samples.
time_array If not None, an array for time coordinate andtime_min and
time_step will not be used.
distance_min The start of the distance coordinate.
distance_step The spacing between distance samples.
dist_array If not None, an array of distance values and distance_min and
distance_step will not be used.
network The network code.
station The station designation.
tag The patch tag
shape The shape pf data array.