class of dascore.clients.filespool
inherits from: DataFrameSpool, BaseSpool, abc.ABC

    path ,
    file_format = None,
    file_version = None,

A spool for a single file.


Parameter Description
path The path to the file.
file_format The format name, optional.
file_version The version string of the format, optional.

Some file formats support storing multiple patches, this is most useful for those formats, but should work on all dascore supported formats.


Name Description
chunk Chunk the data in the spool along specified dimensions.
get_contents Get a dataframe of the spool contents.
map Map a function of all the contents of the spool.
new_from_df Create a new instance from dataframes.
select Sub-select parts of the spool.
sort Sort the Spool based on a specific attribute.
split Yield sub-patches based on specified parameters.
stack Stack (add) all patches compatible with first patch together.
update Updates the contents of the spool, return the updated spool.