function of dascore.utils.patch source

    patches ,
    dim_vary = None,
    check_behavior: Literal[‘warn’, ‘raise’, None] = warn,
)-> ‘PatchType’

Stack (add) all patches compatible with first patch together.


Parameter Description
dim_vary The name of the dimension which can be different in values
(but not shape) and patches still added together.
check_behavior Indicates what to do when an incompatible patch is found in the
spool. None will silently skip any incompatible patches,
‘warn’ will issue a warning and then skip incompatible patches,
‘raise’ will raise an
if any incompatible patches are found.


import dascore as dc
# add a spool with equal sized patches but progressing time dim
spool = dc.get_example_spool()
stacked_patch = spool.stack(dim_vary='time')