module of dascore source

Module to Patch Processing.


Name Description
abs Take the absolute value of the patch data.
aggregate Aggregate values along a specified dimension.
decimate Decimate a patch along a dimension.
detrend Perform detrending along a given dimension (distance or time) of a patch.
interpolate Set coordinates of patch along a dimension using interpolation.
iresample Resample a patch along a single dimension using Fourier Method.
median_filter Apply 2-D median filter
normalize Normalize a patch along a specified dimension.
pass_filter Apply a Butterworth pass filter (bandpass, highpass, or lowpass).
rename Rename coordinate or dimensions of Patch.
resample Resample along a single dimension using Fourier Method and interpolation.
select Return a subset of the trace based on query parameters.
sobel_filter Apply a Sobel filter.
squeeze Return a new object with len one dimensions flattened.
standardize Standardize data by removing the mean and scaling to unit variance.
transpose Transpose the data array to any dimension order desired.


Name Description
basic Basic operations for patches.
filter dascore Filtering module.
detrend Module for detrending.
aggregate Module for applying aggregations along a specified axis.
select Function for querying Patchs
resample Module for re-sampling patches.