module of dascore source

Module containing patch processing routines.


Name Description
abs Take the absolute value of the patch data.
aggregate Aggregate values along a specified dimension.
angle Return a new patch with the phase angles from the data array.
apply_operator Apply a ufunc-type operator to a patch.
assert_has_coords Raise an error if patch doesn’t have required coordinates.
convert_units Convert the patch data or coordinate units.
decimate Decimate a patch along a dimension.
detrend Perform detrending along a given dimension (distance or time) of a patch.
drop_coords Update the coordiantes of a patch.
dropna Return a patch with nullish values dropped along dimension.
equals Determine if the current patch equals another.
get_coord Get a managed coordinate, raising if it doesn’t meet requirements.
imag Return a new patch with the imaginary part of the data array.
interpolate Set coordinates of patch along a dimension using interpolation.
median_filter Apply 2-D median filter.
new Return a copy of the Patch with updated data, coords, dims, or attrs.
normalize Normalize a patch along a specified dimension.
pass_filter Apply a Butterworth pass filter (bandpass, highpass, or lowpass).
pipe Pipe the patch to a function.
real Return a new patch with the real part of the data array.
rename_coords Rename coordinate of Patch.
resample Resample along a single dimension using Fourier Method and interpolation.
rolling Apply a rolling function along a specified dimension.
select Return a subset of the patch.
set_dims Set dimension to non-dimensional coordinate.
set_units Set the units of a patch’s data or coordinates.
simplify_units Simplify the units contained by the patch to base metric units.
snap_coords Snap coordinates to evenly spaced samples.
sobel_filter Apply a Sobel filter.
sort_coords Sort one or more coordinates.
squeeze Return a new object with len one dimensions flattened.
standardize Standardize data by removing the mean and scaling to unit variance.
taper Taper the ends of the signal.
to_xarray Return a data array with patch contents.
transpose Transpose the data array to any dimension order desired.
update_attrs Update attrs and return a new Patch.
update_coords Update the coordiantes of a patch.


Name Description
basic Basic operations for patches.
coords Processing operations that have much to do with coordinates.
filter dascore Filtering module.
units Processing functions dealing with units and unit conversions.
taper Processing for applying a taper.
rolling Processing for applying roller operations.
select Function for querying Patchs.
aggregate Module for applying aggregations along a specified axis.
resample Module for re-sampling patches.
detrend Module for detrending.