function of dascore.proc.resample source

    patch: Patch ,
    kind: str | int ,
    **kwargs ,
)-> Patch

Set coordinates of patch along a dimension using interpolation.


Parameter Description
patch The patch object to which interpolation is applied.
kind The type of interpolation. See Notes for more details. If a string, the following are supported: linear - linear interpolation between a pair of points. nearest - use the nearest sample for interpolation. If an int, it specifies the order of spline to use. EG 1 is a linear spline, 2 is quadratic, 3 is cubic, etc.
**kwargs Used to specify dimension and interpolation values.

This function just uses scipy’s interp1d function under the hood. See scipy.interpolate.interp1d for information.

Values for interpolation must be evenly-spaced.