module of dascore.utils source

Pandas utilities.


Name Description
adjust_segments Filter a dataframe and adjust its limits.
dataframe_to_patch Convert a dataframe to a patch.
fill_defaults_from_pydantic Fill missing columns in dataframe with defaults from base_model.
filter_df Determine if each row of the index meets some filter requirements.
get_column_names_from_dim Get column names from a sequence of dimensions.
get_dim_names_from_columns Returns the names of columns which represent and range in the dataframe.
get_interval_columns Return a series of start, stop, step for columns.
get_regex Compile, and cache regex for str queries.
list_ser_to_str Convert a column of str sequences to a string with commas separating values.
patch_to_dataframe Convert a patch to a dataframe.
split_df_query Split kwargs into normal, range, and unsupported kwargs.
yield_range_tuple_from_kwargs For each slice keyword, yield the name and a tuple of (start, stop).