class of dascore.core.coords
inherits from: CoordArray, BaseCoord, DascoreBaseModel, pydantic.main.BaseModel, abc.ABC

    units: pint.registry.Quantity | str | None[Quantity, str, None] = None,
    step: Any = None,
    values: ndarray ,
)-> None

A coordinate with degenerate (empty on one axis) data.


Name Description
convert_units Convert units, or set units if none exist.
empty Empty simply returns self.
get_attrs_dict Get attrs dict.
get_next_index Get the index a value would have in a coordinate.
get_sample_count Return the number of samples represented by a value.
get_slice_tuple Get a tuple with (start, stop) and perform basic checks.
index Index the coordinate and return new coordinate.
max Return max value.
min Return min value.
check_time_units Ensure time units are s if dattype is time-like.
new Create new instance with some attributed updated.
select Select for Degenerate coords does nothing.
set_units Set new units on coordinates.
simplify_units Simplify the coordinate units.
snap Empty simply returns self.
sort Sort the coord to be monotonic (maybe range).
to_summary Get the summary info about the coord.
update Update parts of the coordinate.
update_data Update the data of the coordinate.
update_limits Update the limits or sampling of the coordinates.