function of dascore.core.attrs source

    model_list:[PatchAttrs] ,
    coord_name: str | None = None,
    conflicts: Literal[‘drop’, ‘raise’, ‘keep_first’] = raise,
    drop_attrs:[str] | None = None,
    coord: None | BaseCoord = None,
)-> ‘PatchAttrs’

Merge Patch Attributes along a dimension.


Parameter Description
model_list A list of models.
coord_name The coordinate, usually a dimension coord, along which to merge.
conflicts Indicates how to handle conflicts in attributes other than those indicated by dim (eg tag, history, station, etc). If “drop” simply drop conflicting attributes, or attributes not shared by all models. If “raise” raise an [AttributeMergeError](dascore.exceptions.AttributeMergeError] when issues are encountered. If “keep_first”, just keep the first value for each attribute.
drop_attrs If provided, attributes which should be dropped.
coord The coordinate for the new values of dim. This is provided as a shortcut if it has already been computed.