Contributing to Documentation

Here, we elaborate on how you can build new documentation or make changes to existing DASCore documentation.

Building/Editing documentation

First, install the Quarto

To ensure Quarto is installed properly and to get the installation version:

quarto --version

If you have not already installed jupyter in your environment, install it using conda:

conda install jupyter

Go to the DASCore directory on your machine:

cd dascore

Then generate DASCore’s API markdown files by running the following script:

python scripts/
quarto preview docs

This will take a few minutes the first time you run it. After that, the results are cached on only the changed files are re-rendered.

Now, you can make new documentation or make changes to the “index.qmd” file on the /dascore/docs/ directory and so on. However, if you make changes to any of DASCore’s docstring, you need to re-run the script for the changes to appear.