Add Spatial Coordinates

Sometimes spatial coordinates are stored in a table which are associated with a patch dimension. For example, the results of a tap-test may associate X, Y, and Z values to the dimensions “distance”. DASCore provides the patch function coords_from_df for just this purpose. The functionality is not limited to spatial coordinates; it can be used to add any coordinates to any existing dimension.

Here, we: - Make a patch and coordinates from example data - Call a command that extrapolates and adds the coordinates - Plot coordinates for comparison

import pandas as pd

import dascore as dc
from dascore.utils.downloader import fetch

# Get path for example coordinates.
path = fetch("brady_hs_DAS_DTS_coords.csv")

# Read coordinates data from csv file.
coord_table = pd.read_csv(path).rename(columns={"Channel": "distance"})

# Make patch from example.
patch = dc.get_example_patch()

# Get length of distance axis.
dist_len = patch.coord_shapes["distance"][0]

# Make a dictionary of units.
units = {a:"m" for a in coord_table.columns[1:]}

# Select portion of new coordinates to map to existing coordinate.
new_coordinates = coord_table.iloc[51:]
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import dascore as dc

patch = dc.get_example_patch()

# Add coordinates to patch.
patch_with_coords = patch.coords_from_df(
    new_coordinates, units=units, extrapolate=True,

# Plot coordinates.
coords = patch_with_coords.coords
X = coords.get_array('X')
Y = coords.get_array('Y')