Publish a new release

On this page, we provide a step-by-step guidance on how to publish a new release for DASCore.

Step 1: Draft a new release and publish

On DASCore GitHub page, you should go to Releases, draft a new release. On the draft, choose a new tag a release title (e.g. 0.0.14). Finally, generate release notes and publish the relase.

Step 2: Check the release status

On Actions, check the release status for both “PublishPackage” and “BuildDeployStableDocs”. Also, make sure PyPI is updated.

Step 3: Commit required changes for Conda

For conda, you need to wait a few hours to get a pull request, and then verify/edit the dependencies, extras, etc. on meta.yaml at /dascore-feedstock/recipe directory based on pyproject.toml at /dascore directory. Therefore, if they do not match, you need to clone the dascore-feedstock branch, modify and push it. After merging the pull request, you can verify the latest DASCore version at conda-forge.