function of dascore.proc.basic source

    self: Patch ,
    data: ndarray | None = None,
    coords: None | dict[str |[str,[str]], ndarray] | CoordManager = None,
    dims:[str] | None = None,
    attrs: Mapping | PatchAttrs | None = None,
)-> ‘PatchType’

Return a copy of the Patch with updated data, coords, dims, or attrs.


Parameter Description
data An array-like containing data, an xarray DataArray object, or a Patch.
coords The coordinates, or dimensional labels for the data. These can be passed in three forms: {coord_name: data} {coord_name: ((dimensions,), data)} {coord_name: (dimensions, data)}
dims A sequence of dimension strings. The first entry corresponds to the first axis of data, the second to the second dimension, and so on.
attrs Optional attributes (non-coordinate metadata) passed as a dict.
  • If both coords and attrs are defined, attrs will have priority.