class of source

    data_type: Literal[’‘, ’velocity’, ‘strain_rate’, ‘phase’, ‘strain’, ‘temperature’, ‘temperature_gradient’] ,
    data_category: Literal[’‘, ’DAS’, ‘DTS’, ‘DSS’] ,
    data_units: str ,
    time_min: DateTime64 ,
    time_max: DateTime64 ,
    d_time: TimeDelta64 ,
    time_units: str ,
    distance_min: float ,
    distance_max: float ,
    d_distance: float ,
    distance_units: str ,
    instrument_id: str ,
    cable_id: str ,
    dims: tuple[str, …] | str ,
    tag: str ,
    station: str ,
    network: str ,
    history: str | Sequence[str] ,
    **extra_data ,
)-> None

The expected attributes for a Patch.


Parameter Description
data_type The type of data collected (the meaning of the data). Valid values are (’‘, ’velocity’, ‘strain_rate’, ‘phase’, ‘strain’, ‘temperature’, ‘temperature_gradient’).
data_category The category of instrument which recorded the data. Valid values are (’‘, ’DAS’, ‘DTS’, ‘DSS’).
data_units The units in which the data are recorded (e.g., strain_rate).
d_time The temporal sample spacing. If the patch is not evenly sampled this should be set to np.timedelta64('NaT')
time_min The time represented by the first sample in the patch.
time_max The time represented by the last sample in the patch.
time_units The units of the time axis (in most cases should be seconds) or specified by datetime64 arrays in time coordinate.
d_distance The spatial sampling rate, set to NaN if the patch is not evenly sampled in space.
distance_min The along-fiber distance of the first channel in the patch.
distance_max The along-fiber distance of the last channel in the patch.
distance_units The units of the distance axis. In most cases should be ‘m’.
instrument_id A unique identifier of the instrument.
cable_id A Unique identifier of the cable, or composition of cables.
distance_units The units of distance, defaults to m.
data_units units
category The category
network The network code an ascii-compatible string up to 2 characters.
station The station code an ascii-compatible string up to 5 characters
instrument_id The identifier of the instrument.
dims A tuple of dimension names in the same order as the data dimensions.
tag A custom string up to 100 chars.
station A network code (up to 8 chars).
network A network code (up to 8 chars).
history A list of strings indicating what processing has occurred on the patch.

These attributes go into the HDF5 index used by dascore. Therefore, when they are changed the index version needs to be incremented so previous indices are invalidated.

See also PatchAttrs.


Name Description
get dict-like get method.
items Yield (attribute, values) just like dict.items().
get_defaults return a dict of default values